Customization and development of your WordPress site means making such changes in settings, templates, themes and any other code bases which would result in your final great website.


It may include such manipulations like:


Writing and editing programming code in the files of website. Creating new files with complex code. Adding needed functions to website, creating useful plugins.

Applying preferred Theme settings. Any WordPress Theme has many different settings, like color scheme, font, sidebar positioning, widgets displaying and so on. On the screenshot below you can see WordPress Dashboard including some Divi Theme options from Elegant Themes teem.

Image of Divi Settings in WordPress dashboard

Plugins installation and customization. WordPress Plugins are such scripts or collections of files that give additional functionality to a website. For example you may want a more SEO friendly site. To that end you can download and install a special plugin, “WordPress SEO by Yoast” for example. Though installation and configuration of this and resemble plugins require certain knowledge (like use of permalinks, metadata, keywords, title, h1,h2,h3 tags, FTP client and much, much more).

Image of plugins section in WordPress dashboard

Making some CSS tweaks on your WordPress website for achieving desired look and better user experience. Adding photos, icons, fonts etc. Making all elements responsive, i.e. to look pretty on all devices – iphone, ipad, android.

Image of style.css file in WordPress dashboard

Making substantial changes to your site to meet your needs. Though it takes more time and resources.